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Day Boarding Cum Residential School



For Girls (Age 16 year & Above) 25 May to 8 Jun 2013 For Srujan Camp admissions +919850811251

Summer Camp for Boys & Girls(Age 9 Years To 16 years)

First Batch 4 May to 13 May 2013

Second batch 15 May to 22 May 2013

For Summer Camp admissions +919850967890

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Admission (Procedure, Policy & Fees Structure)

Registration Procedure

Admissions to the School are open to children of:

  Residents of India including foreign nationals with a valid resident visa

   Non-resident Indians

   Foreign nationals subject to their obtaining a student visa

The process of building a relationship between the School and the students and their parents is as simple as can be. A visit to our campus at Sangamner, having detailed discussions with the appropriate officials and a brief interview with a Senior faculty or the Principal as the case may be, represent the key steps.As a CBSE School, admissions are open all round the year. Admissions to class X and XII are not entertained except in exceptional circumstances.

We welcome you to a life long association with the Dhruv family

Visiting Time: Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (Always confirm visit on phone)

Admission Policy

The purpose of our admission policy is to help you through the admission process effectively and to help you place your child in the appropriate class at Dhruv Academy. The more relevant information we have, the more effectively we will be able to achieve this.

STEP - 1

To begin with, documentation which you need to submit with your application must include:

 A copy of the child’s birth certificate (Original) OR attested photocopy of the relevant page

 Official copies of the student’s academic reports for the last three academic year

Four recent passport size photographs

 Confidential Medical Record

Transfer Certificate from the previous school. (From class 2 onwards)

 Once your application is received, the admission process will begin.


These are the guidelines for dates of birth for children entering Dhruv Academy.

Play Group            - 2 ½ years as on 31May

Entering LKG       - 3 ½ years as on 31May

Entering UKG       - 4 ½ years as on 31May

Entering Class I     - 5 ½ years as on 31May

STEP - 2

After receiving the initial documentation with your child’s application, we will arrange for an assessment to place your child in the appropriate class.

Aptitude Test

For entry to Class III and upwards, children are required to take an aptitude test. This will reflect what we expect a child to be able to do by the end of the preceding school year (i.e. a child applying to enter Class 6 will be assessed on their ability to do what a student is expected to do at the end of Class 5), though those seeking admission during the final term will be assessed using learning objectives from the current year of study (i.e. Class 6 in the example given).

Those seeking admission for classes 3 to 5 will be assessed on their skills in using English and Mathematics. Those seeking admission to Class 6 and above will also be assessed on their skills in using Hindi and understanding of scientific concepts in addition to Mathematics and English. For the prescribed syllabi for various class aptitude tests you can contact the admission cell. We prefer to meet students personally and discuss their interests and academic progress with them. This process is also essential for those who have found the aptitude tests difficult, for we would want to carry out a further assessment in order to place the student in the appropriate class. If possible, we like to meet both parents.

Some times the aptitude test indicates that a child may not have performed well enough to enter the class that the age guidelines suggest. We find this to be particularly the case with children whose English language skills are weak. Since everything else depends on the ability to use English, spending an extra year strengthening these skills is a worthwhile use of time.

At Dhruv Academy, we always welcome students and strive to offer them a platform to showcase.   


We do not encourage transfer from one CBSE School to another between class IX and X.

We won’t entertain students from other boards to CBSE syllabus in class IX, X and XII. 

We believe that continuity is an important factor in helping students to be successful, particularly when preparing for external exams. If you are considering moving your child for the Class IX and X courses, our recommendation is that the student should not join later than Class VIII. This will give the student a year to adapt to the school and its approach to learning.

Admission Procedure for class XI and XII·        

Application for CBSE+2 course will be accepted only after taking into consideration the percentage of marks achieved by the student in the exams taken in Class X. At the time of application, the most recent school exam results should be submitted. Once the results of the Board Examinations are released, mark sheet should be submitted.

This will be followed by an entrance process which includes personal interview/aptitude test of the candidate seeking admission.

The purpose of this interview/aptitude test will be not only to discuss academic progress, but also to find about interest beyond the classroom and how a young person might contribute to the life of the school. Prior to the interview/test, an applicant will be asked to complete a personal statement.

We do not admit student into class XII (the final year of School)

Subject options in Class XI

CBSE Plus 2  

If choosing this program, all students must follow courses in English and select 4 other subjects. The following are the possible options we offer.

Science Stream

A                       B

Mathematics   Mathematics

Physics    Physics

Chemistry   Chemistry

Biology    Computer Science (IT)/PT

 To enter professional courses in India, students need to take:

1. Medicine – Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English

2. Engineering – Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English

We would take into consideration demand for other subjects, but cannot guarantee to offer additional subjects unless there is adequate demand and available resources.

Second and Third Language:        

All students are required to choose a Second Language from Class I to X. 

All students up till Class V are given the option to choose either Marathi or Hindi as Second Language. Once you opt for a particular language you have to continue the same as Second Language till class X.

While in class VI to VIII, students have to choose a Third language (Marathi or Hindi – depending on their second language option). ·        

It is advisable that the Second Language to be studied in Classes VIII, IX and X, is identified by Class VI and any change of language option after that need to be discussed with the school.

Extracurricular Activities:

The range of extracurricular activities that we offer is something in which the school takes pride. These activities enable the students to develop their competence and confidence in different areas, as well as take a break from classroom studies.  Given the distance that many day scholars have to travel, these activities are included within the school day for the most part, and students are required to participate enthusiastically. Swimming is part of the curriculum up to class VIII. 

Throughout the school, we expect the students to participate in a range of the activities offered.

It is the part of the school ethos that students get involved in extra curricular activities. We wish to ensure that all applicants and their parents understand this.  

Admission to the school is on the assumption that the child will take part in extra-curricular activities.  You must inform the school at the time of admission of any long-term health reasons that make swimming or taking part in any other sports difficult for the student.

Applying from Outside Maharashtra: 

If applying from outside Maharashtra, please post or fax copies of identification documentation and school reports to us. The school will conduct online aptitude test. We require you to ensure that the test is fair – that the work submitted is the child’s own work. After evaluating the test, if a talk with your child is essential, then a telephone interview will be arranged.

If you are traveling with your child to Maharashtra at any time after sending in the application, it should be possible to arrange for the aptitude test to be taken at school. We would encourage you to explore this option, for we feel it is easier for a child to make the transition to a new school in a new environment if they have had the chance to visit first.

Applicants from outside Maharashtra are often interested in the hostel facilities. Details of the hostel are to be found in the students’ life - boarding facilities option.