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Day Boarding Cum Residential School



Chairman’s Message

For more than 25 years, I have been working with children and parents all over the country, conducting workshops on the best ways of learning. Through these interactions, I deeply realized the need to establish a school for children, that would cater to their entire intellectual and emotional needs, by providing an enriching and beautiful learning experience.  I believe that each child is like a flower that can bloom to its truest potential, only if it is nurtured with care.

The role of the school is to provide the right environment while the role of the teacher is to act as the facilitator. Dhruv Academy is the realisation of this belief and understanding. Education at Dhruv is stress - free. Each child learns as per his interest and aptitude without the negative stress of enforced learning and punishments.  ‘Dhruvs’ of modern

India.The child is neither humiliated nor discouraged for temporary setbacks, but is instead encouraged to try a different approach. The infrastructure and human resources at the Dhruv Academy are of the highest standard. Our mission is to blend world class technology with Indian values and culture that would develop the physical, mental and spiritual capability of a child to the optimum level and evolve them in to a responsible, patriotic, cultured human being. In essence, the ‘Dhruvs’ of modern India .

Dr. Sanjay Malpani

A Doctorate in Child Development and a Director of the Malpani Group, Dr. Malpani has spent over 25 years in the fields of education and management. He has established the Geeta Pariwar, with 252 branches spread across India and is also the Chairman of the Sanskar Bal Bhavan and a Ex-Trustee of the Indus International School, Bangalore and Pune. As Chairman of the Sangamner College, which has over 6,500 students, he has played a pivotal role in introducing many institutional sea-change programs, culminating into ‘A’ grade accreditation by the NAAC.  

A prolific writer and gifted orator, he has authored 23 books and conducted almost 300 workshops and seminars countrywide on good parenting.

Principal’s Desk

The mission of Dhruv is to ignite young minds. In the last eight years we have managed to create an environment that is enriching, encouraging and conducive to stress – free learning. I have been privileged to lead the school since its inception.

In this ever changing world what remains steadfast are - values. We are committed to inculcate values and Indian culture that would enable the children to be global citizens with Indian roots.

We, at Dhruv, believe that each child is intelligent and creative. What he needs is love, appreciation and gentle but firm support that would give him wings of confidence and then – even the sky is not the limit.

Mrs. Alka Vaidya

Mrs. Alka Vaidya is a senior educationist with over 30 years of experience. A post graduate in Psychology, Education and Environmental Science, she is also involved in advanced research in education.  She has worked as a teacher and Principal of residential and day schools across India. Her exposure includes the Air Force Schools, Srinagar and Guwahati, Bhavan’s School, Nagpur, Sanjeevan Vidyalaya, Panchgani and St. Mary’s Convent, Kanpur.  Amongst her most notable achievements has been the establishment of the MES Rani Laxmibai Girls Military School at Pune, of which she was the first principal. Mrs. Vaidya is also qualified in adventure sports and kathak.

Vice Chairman’s Message

The world is changing at a break neck speed. To keep up with

these changes education has to be universal and dynamic. Our endeavor is to equip the children with skills that would enable them to meet the challenges of the changing world and enhance their strengths and capacities.

Our aim is to empower the children with proficiency that would lead them to become outstanding observers, explorers, thinkers, great learners as well as sensitive and ethical human beings.

Dhruv Academy is established with the idea that each child must be given a chance to grow to his potential in a dignified way in a happy & nurturing environment.

Mr. Girsh  Malpani

Director of the Malpani Group, a young and enthusiatic industrialist, with a B.E. (Chem. Engg.) and an MBA from Baltimore, USA . He has helped the Malpani Group to set ISO standards and implement Kaizen. TQM. 5-S Known for his contribution towards the community and charities, he conducts audio visual aided seminars in school, colleges and academic institutions.